Monday, May 9, 2011

Leo Zodiac Love Life-Intro

The Lion

Fire Sign July 24 - August 23

 Stubborn, fixed views, strong, cruel, independent, organizing capacity and talents for propaganda, humanitarian, frequenting solitary places, generous, famous.

Ego, self-centered, arrogant; fixed, stubborn, persistent; artistic or creative expression as a vehicle for revealing "who I am"; needs to be a center of attention, requires acknowledgment and approval, likes to be noticed and appreciated ("ego-strokes"); personal integrity, true to self, honorable, trustworthy; kingly, self-assured, confident.

Leo’s Big Heart

Oftentimes people only see the performing side of the king. It may feel as though you're on a stage and that you must perform as your adoring pubic expects you to behave. However, there's another side to your nature that's difficult to see in a Leo horoscope, and that's your humanitarian side.
Leo feels compelled to take up just causes. Your deep sense of service to others is often overshadowed by your larger than life personality. Most people never see this side of you. It isn't that this side rarely reveals itself; it's that you're very private about your good deeds and carry them out as though on a royal secret mission. The last thing you want is for someone to suspect your acts of charity. This may seem contradictory to the showmanship associated with Leo, but your large heart is very compassionate and drives you to charity work.

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